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  • HMB, B-hydroxy B-methylbutyrate, is a metabolite of one of the essential branched chain amino acids - Leucine and is synthesized naturally in our body. Every day, our body produces about 0.2-0.4 grams of HMB. The standard doses used in research are about 3 grams per day.

2 capsules a day. Take during the meal.

L-Leucine, in itself, is becoming a more and more popular supplement among bodybuilders. The advantage of HMB is that it does not cause excessive water retention or weight gain, it is also not a stimulant and does not show hormonal activity. This product is intended for use by athletes both during the off-season and during the preparatory period. HMB is suitable for uninterrupted long-term use.

Monohydrate of calcium beta-hydroxy-beta methylbutyrate, capsule shell: bovine gelatin, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), dyes (titanium dioxide, iron oxide, indigo), glazing agent (shellac)

Warning: The sediment may occur which does not affect the quality and effect of the product.