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Olimp - Chrom activ 200 mcg - 60 caps.

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  • Chrom Activ 200 g is a food supplement providing high-class chromium - as many as 200 g of jons in 1 tablets

  • Chromium is an element taking part in proper metabolism of macro nutrients, and it influences on the activity of the enzymes regulating the metablism of sugars and fats. It also help to keep the proper level of glucose in the blood

  • The scientific researches have proven that:
    -constant level of sugar in the blood is an important factor preventing insulin secretion
    - insulin is a hormone which enforces fat tissue deposition
    -proper level of sugar in the blook prevents from sudden attack of hunger, what helps to keep proper body weight

Recommended use
Take 1 capsule daily after meal of otherwise after consultation with your doctor
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


microcrystalline cellulose - bulkingagent, calcium phosphate - firming agent, potato starch, magnesiumstearate - anti-caking agent, chromium picolinate
The product is intended to supplement daily intake of chromium,especially it is recommended for people eating a lot of sweets, loosingweight and for those overweight and obese

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Warning: The sediment may occur which does not affect the quality and effect of the product.