Megabol - Biosterol - 36 caps.

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This product has been prepared by a famous Polish scientist – dr Różański. He designed the process of acquiring the raw material from local plants. It is an effective alternative for tribulus and a natural supplement which works anabolically. It has a modern form - liquid extract in soft, gelatin capsules. Effectiveness confirmed with a medical opinion.

It is a new generation product for boost testosterone level and also the product for support sportsperson’s diet. The selection of the compounds was oriented for an effect which increase testosterone production and also physical activity stimulation, which enable to accomplish training scheme.

While providing such type of compounds, it can increase the amount of the generating testosterone even to 4 mg within twenty-four hours. Thanks to the surplus, so-called free testosterone is appearing in the blood. This free testosterone provide a metabolic effect.
Anabolic potential in this product is more powerful than in the other traditional extract from Tribulus Terrestris.

Recommended Use

Anaerobic disciplines, oriented to increase muscular tissue.

Physical exhaustion conditions and apathy, lowered vitality.

 1 or 2 capsules per day, after meal. Biosterol® should be taken every day. Considering stimulating characteristics for activity, this product can be taken before 6 p.m. On training days You should take 1 capsule after meal one hour before workout. In case of taking 2 capsules per day ! You should eat them one at a time, after different meals.


Contradictions and adverse reactions:
This product should not be taken by pregnant women and during the duration of breastfeed. 
No side effect was observed while taking this preparation.



Extracts of:

   Nigellae fluidum,

    Capsici fluidum,

    Trigonellae fluidum,

    Myristicae liquidum,

    Glycyrrhizae siccum,

    Cynarae fluidum


One capsule contain:

    200 mg steroid saponins

    66 mg phytosterols

    0,25 mg steroid alkaloids