Scitec Nutrition – Beta Alanine 150 caps.


The purest form of biologically active substances in a convenient powder
Promotes long-lasting effort, reducing its side effects
Supports the increase of strength and muscle mass
Improves the contractility of muscle fibers
Helps maintain the correct pH of the cells
Maximum acceleration of regeneration
Limits the occurrence of muscle sores
Favors the growth of lean body mass
High anti-catabolic potential
Effective dose of antioxidant

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Scitec Beta Alanine is a top quality supplement containing two amino acids – beta alanine and L-histidine in their purest biological forms. An optimally selected blend of ingredients allows for a definite improvement in strength parameters and an increase in the mass of trained muscles. In addition, the applied form of pure powder is free from sensitizing fillers, it also guarantees a lack of disappointment from the wrong taste of the product.

Beta-alanine is a non-protein amino acid, which together with L-histidine is used to synthesize carnosine which significantly improves muscle endurance and efficiency. Its greatest concentration is present in fast twitch fibers that produce a large amount of organic acids during exercise. Carnosine is an excellent lactic acid buffering agent. It raises the lactate threshold, contributes to much better regeneration and recovery of stronger muscle fibers.

Beta-alanine supplementation increases the availability of metabolic energy needed to perform heavy training sessions. In addition, this substance is an effective antioxidant that reduces free radicals, even better supporting regenerative processes.

Much higher dose of the energy during training
The main ‘task’ of muscle cells is to change the length of the myofibrils that build them. Considering the structure of the whole muscle, this results in a synchronized contraction. To do this work you need the energy accumulated in ATP. The production process is complicated because it requires the involvement of the ‘enzyme equipment’.

One of its components is coenzyme A, produced in the body with the participation of beta-alanine. In cells, it acts as a conveyor of high energy compounds from which ‘fuel’ is obtained. In addition, it facilitates the use of carbohydrates delivered with a meal and the burning of fats released from adipose tissue.

It is also worth to emphasize that the ‘metabolic fuel’ such as ATP serves not only muscular cells to do the work. It is also used in protein biosynthesis for protein reconstruction, building myofibrils. It can therefore be said that the increased concentration of beta-alanine, and also Coenzyme A, supports building strength during training and repairing regenerative processes after its performance.

Much more effective regeneration
Human muscles are adapted to work in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Strength training characterized by high intensity may exceed the body’s ability to supply oxygen to muscle cells. In this situation, they are forced to obtain ATP without using it.

This process is definitely less beneficial than oxygen transformations. That results in the reduction of produced energy. In addition, harmful metabolites are produced, which include lactate along with other organic acids. They can disrupt muscle work during training, making it less effective. They also impair regeneration after it has been made. In the long-term, this results in a decreased progression of muscle strength and mass.

Muscle cells can ‘defend’ against the harmful effects of acids due to the presence of intracellular buffers. One of them is carnosine, made of L-histidine and beta-alanine. It works by normalizing intracellular pH, by neutralizing the hydrogen cations released from the acids. This eliminates their blocking effect on glycolysis, which is the main pathway for obtaining energy in cells. As a result, better-nourished muscles work more efficiently during intense training sessions, and the sores after their performance are much less common.

Strong antioxidant
Intensively working muscles not only produce lactic acid, but also large amounts of free radicals. Their small amount is harmless, and can even support the processes of rebuilding new, stronger muscle fibers. The problem arises when one performs very exhaustive workouts, and the amount of generated radicals exceeds the repair capacity of the cells.

Beta-alanine, due to its antioxidant properties, effectively reduces these highly reactive chemical molecules. This enables a significant reduction in occurrence of catabolic processes, which adversely affect the muscle tissue.

To sum up, Scitec Beta Alanine is a supplement intended mainly for physically active people who want to maximally support the process of building the strength during training. The preparation is the best source of substance precursors with high anti-catabolic potential. Specially selected blend of ingredients also perfectly supports muscle regeneration processes, leading to the recovery of stronger muscle fibers.

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