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Activlab – EAA Xtra – 500g

EAA Xtra is a preparation containing a complete set of necessary exogenous amino acids (Essential Amino Acids ? EAA) in the amount covering 100% of bodily requirement per 100 kg of body weight, according to the WHO. As exogenous amino acids cannot be produced naturally within the body, they must be supplied with food





10 g
20 g
Lizoleucyna (BCAA) / L-isoleucine 03CAA)
1000 mg
2000 mg
L-leucyna (BCAA) / L- leucine (13CAA)
1950 mg
3900 mg
L-lizyna / Llysine
1500 mg
3000 mg
L-metionina / L- methionine
520 mg
1040 mg
L-fenyloalanina / L- phenyloalanine
750 mg
1500 mg
L-treonina / L-threonine
750 mg
1500 mg
L-tryptofan / L-tryptophan
200 mg
400 mg
L-walina (BCAA) / L-valine (BCAA)
1300 mg
2600 mg
Dibenkozyd / Dibencozide
1,5 mg
3 mg


Recommended use

Dissolve 10 g of the product in 250 ml of water. During the training days: a portion of 10 g about 30 minutes before the training and 10 g after the training. In the non-training days: one portion of 10 g about 30 minutes before a meal

Warning: The sediment may occur which does not affect the quality and effect of the product.



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