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Activlab – Chicken Protein Amino

  • Chicken protein hydrolysate is obtained through the hydrolytic treatment of chicken breasts. Chicken protein hydrolysate is a source of protein of the highest assimilability, as well as an optimal amino acid composition.

Recommended use
12 capsules daily

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The products based on chicken protein hydrolysate are particularly recommended during the muscle massbuilding phase, as high amino acid content, e.g. arginine, glutamine and glycine may induce increased N.O. secretion during training, as well as increase creatine level within the body. Chicken protein hydrolysate also contains proline. This amino acid is a major component of collagen, the basic building material of the connective tissue

Poultry protein hydrolyzate, anti-caking agent E 470b, shell (gelatin, coloring E171)

Warning: The sediment may occur which does not affect the quality and effect of the product.

Nutrition Facs


w 100g. 6 caps portion
The energy value 287 kcal
protein 65g
fat 3g
carbohydrates 0g
Amino acid profile in 100g:
L-Leucine 3154mg
L-Izoleucine 1616mg
L-Valine 1903mg
L-Lysine 3703mg
L- Methionine 1038mg
L- Phenylalanine 1392mg
L- Threonine 1885mg
L- Alanine 3789mg
L-Arginina 4265mg
L-aspartic acid 4213mg
L- Cysteine 545mg
L- Glutamine 7474mg
glycine 5836mg
L- Histidine 2316mg
L- Proline 3746mg
L- Serine 1837mg
L- Tyrosine 1016mg
– Composition: poultry protein hydrolyzate , anti-caking agent E 470b , shell (gelatin , coloring E171)
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