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Activlab – Amino Complex – 300 tabs.


Amino Complex is a composition of the highest quality amino acids originating from wheyprotein hydrolysate, poultry protein hydrolysate, egg albumin and whey protein concentrate. An optimum ratio of the BCAA type amino acids, combined with a high dose of glutamine, facilitates rapid regeneration after physical eff ort, as well as an e ffective lean muscle mass growth

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carefully selected?amino acid profile
high content of?glutamine, arginine, and?proline
easily digestible?source of protein
Chicken protein hydrolysate is obtained through the hydrolytic treatment of chicken breasts. Chicken protein hydrolysate is a source of protein of the highest assimilability, as well as an optimal amino acid composition. The products based on chicken protein hydrolysate are particularly recommended during the muscle massbuilding phase, as high amino acid content, e.g. arginine, glutamine and glycine may induce increased N.O. secretion during training, as well as increase creatine level within the body. Chicken protein hydrolysate also contains proline. This amino acid is a major component of collagen, the basic building material of the connective tissue.
Poultry protein hydrolyzate, anti-caking agent E 470b, shell (gelatin, coloring E171)

Recommended use:

12 capsules daily

Note: We recommend you see a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of our product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavor.

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