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Worst Things to Eat Before a Workout

Worst Things to Eat Before a Workout

Your workout can prove to be useless. The effort you’re putting into exercise can be wasted if you choose the wrong food before a workout. The right choice of food ingredients before a workout can result in great gains and vice versa. Most people work hard during their workouts but fail to choose their pre-workout food ingredient.

This not only results in lesser gains but also impacts their overall health. Taking calories before a workout is essential but having a bad source can be disastrous. The source of calories should have a proper balance and should be readily digestible. Many foods can be in the list of a general healthy meal but may not be appropriate for pre-workout fueling.

1. Carbonated / Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks may seem like an easy to go pre-workout drink that’ll give you energy for the workout. But these drinks contain ingredients that may increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure before workouts. Soda, beer or fizzy drinks may cause gas that can result in flatulence, indigestion and discomfort. Always steer clear of these drinks before a workout.

2. Dairy Products:

Dairy products like cheese, ice-cream, butter or yogurt contain high amount of fats and also have lactose. Some people are intolerant to lactose and consuming lactose cause severe gastric disturbances. If someone is intolerant to a certain food, one should avoid having that before a workout. Cheese is famous for high calcium levels but it also has fats that can cause discomfort before a workout. If you want to have cheese or yogurt, give it at least 2 hours of time before your workout.

3. High Fiber Veggies:

Fiber is very good for your body, especially for digestion, but not before a workout. Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or cucumber are difficult to digest and make your workout uncomfortable. They make you feel full and leave you uncomfortable during your workouts especially on your abs day. The sulfur-containing compounds in these veggies cause gas in some persons. Rather you should go for veggies that go easier on your body like well-cooked potatoes or asparagus.

4. High Fat Food:

Fats are the richest source of energy and not all fats are bad. Foods containing high amount of fats can make you tired even before you have started your workout. Foods like burgers or red meat can be a good source of protein and help replenish muscles and iron reserves of the body, but they are also high in fats. Having such slow-digesting food before a workout is not a good idea. You should always avoid greasy foods like pizza and fries before a workout. Saturated fats are difficult to digest and may cause bloating, diarrhea and cramping.

5. Beans:

Beans are a rich source of raffinose that is an indigestible carbohydrate. This cause gas and discomfort and may leave you bloated. If you are a vegetarian, then beans must be a part of your diet like bean burritos, three-bean soups and bean burgers, your digestive tract will be used to the high fiber diet. But in others, it may cause gastric discomfort.

You should have beans at least 4 hours before a workout or you can add these in your post-workout meals.

6. Desserts:

If you are about to go to the gym for a workout, then pastries, doughnuts, ice-creams and cup cakes, all are on the ‘NO’ list. Desserts are high in fats, sugars, cream and butter – totally not the food items that are required to perform best during your workout in the gym.

7. Spicy Foods:

While some people may be able to tolerate spicy foods, some may get heartburn and gastric disturbances that can ruin your day and do not even think about going to the gym. You must avoid having spicy foods generally and especially before workouts.

8. Alcohol:

Hydration is the key to building muscles. Alcohol not only fails you to reach that goal and leave you dehydrated, but also suppresses fat oxidation. It has diuretic properties that make it harder to achieve body goals. Exercising under dehydration stress can lead to injuries.