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The benefits of vegan and herbal supplements

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The benefits of vegan and herbal supplements

Veganism is taking off around the world, and there is now thought to be at least 600,000 people in the UK following a plant-based diet. Going vegan is a great way to improve your diet and help the planet at the same time, but it can be tricky to get all of your nutrients from a vegan diet without extensive planning. By taking herbal supplements, vegans can fill in the gaps and ensure that their diets really are some of the healthiest around.


What vitamins should I take as a vegan?

When eating a vegan diet, the vitamins you're most likely to be missing are those commonly found in meat and dairy. All vegans should supplement their intake of vitamin D, particularly during the winter months. Vitamin D is important for regulating mood and memory, as well as muscle repair after a tough workout.

Another key vitamin supplement is vitamin B, particularly vitamin B12. Studies have shown that vegetarians and vegans are at particularly high risk of a B12 deficiency; this vital nutrient is needed by the body for protein metabolism and the creation of red blood cells.


Herbal supplements to improve fitness

If you're spending a lot of time in the gym and trying to improve muscle mass, you'll know how important protein is in your diet. Consuming enough protein as a vegan can be tricky, particularly if you're not a huge fan of pulses and lentils. Vegan protein powders can be a great way to boost your intake of protein and are convenient for mixing up into a shake for a post-gym snack.

Vegan-friendly amino acids are also crucial for vegan fitness fans. Branded chain amino acids (BCAAs) can help to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and get you back in the gym with less downtime.


Making the most of your vegan diet

Of course, supplements should only be used in addition to a healthy diet. While vegan diets tend to include a lot of healthy whole foods, vegans can often improve their diets by including more plant-based sources of protein and healthy fats, such as nuts and seeds.

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