A complete guide to the importance of supplements in your diet.
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  • Importance Of Supplements In Your Diet

    Importance Of Supplements In Your Diet

    Your body requires daily minerals and nutrients to function to the best of its ability. These supplements can be regarded as Dietary Supplements. Unfortunately, people who struggle with keeping a balanced diet often succumb to feelings of laziness due to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

    The use of supplements has increased due to the advancements made in medical technology. These supplements are designed to fulfil your body's daily requirement for certain nutrients.

    A dietary supplement is an umbrella term that comprises everything from vitamins to minerals. People usually use the word "supplement" to refer to an individual vitamin or mineral preparation or a multivitamin depending upon their needs.

    These dietary supplements cover the body's nutrition and are widely used worldwide to improve health and fitness.

    A survey was published in The Journal of Nutrition on Oct. 1, 2017. The study was conducted on almost 3,500 adults aged 60 and older; results indicated that 70% of people take a daily supplement to fulfil their nutrition needs.

    What Dietary Supplements? Why Do I Need Them?

    90% of people don't get the suggested amount of vital nutrients from only food, which is why they need to switch to supplements to meet the nutritional gap.

    Supplements contain a range of vitamins, minerals, proteins (made of amino acids), and vital enzymes for your body.

    These nutrients perform vital functions in your body, such as solidifying your bone structure, healing wounds, and increasing your body's immunity to protect it from various diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

    The functions of these nutrients make it necessary for us to use dietary supplements in our daily life, especially when we have to perform energy-consuming tasks such as exercise.

    Here is a list of dietary supplements and their nutritious ingredients to help you understand why they are essential to our health.


    (Inforgraphics is required here that includes vitamins,protiens and enzymes)

    In some cases, people with allergies to foods containing essential vitamins (B, D, and E) must take a daily dose of vitamin supplements to keep their body's immunity intact and fully functioning.

    Vitamins aid people who are struggling with hair loss and issues such as skin diseases. Deficiencies in vital vitamins will shut down your body from functioning, and your health will start to disintegrate.


    • Increases energy
    • improves skin and hair health
    • Stimulate the immune system
    • Makes your bones stronger


    Proteins are essential amino acids crucial for muscle growth and the repair of damaged tissues. People going to the gym need ample proteins to get bigger muscles, so this nutrient becomes an integral part of their lives.

    Proteins are also carriers of various molecules throughout your body and are responsible for repairing damaged cells to keep your body's immune system healthy.

    Protein powder is a type of supplement that covers up your protein intake. Athletes and fitness freaks most commonly use it to assist them in their muscle growth. A Protein shake is a similar product used for the same purpose.


    • Prevent heart diseases
    • helps in hormonal balance
    • help maintain an ideal weight
    •  controls sugar level
    • slow down the aging process


    Enzymes are also essential for your body. They are made of different proteins that speed up chemical reactions in your body. Without enzymes, your body will not function steadily, making you lazy and highly unhealthy.

    Due to genetics, people often struggle with a slow metabolism, leading to other health problems. However, enzymes make things easier and keep your body operating normally.


    • Reduces stress on your digestive system.
    • Reduces inflammation in the gut
    • Increases nutrition assimilation from meal
    • Improves body's immune system
    • Improves skin and tissue healing

    Benefits Of Dietary Supplements

    In the age of processed foods, keeping a steady and healthy diet is almost impossible. Unless your diet is entirely organic, there is no telling if your body has received ample nutrients. If in doubt, taking supplements help.

    Dietary supplements link the nutritional gap so you can uphold the right balance between foods and supplements. Processed foods nowadays are usually composed of dangerous amounts of pesticides that take a toll on your body.

    Slowly and steadily, our reliance on processed foods is increasing daily. Supplements containing substances like antioxidants help eradicate such toxic chemicals from your body.

    Dietary supplements also help as we grow old. Unfortunately, our bodies are designed so that our ability to absorb nutrients declines as we get older. Taking the right supplements in the right amounts restores the imbalances of age.

    Not only that, people who exercise regularly inadvertently increase their nutritional requirements. Bodybuilders and athletes need to stay in shape at all times.

    Spending the day in the gym lifting extremely heavy weights drains your body of essential minerals and nutrients. Taking the right supplements helps them remain energised, active, and ready to go.

    Here's an expert take on how beneficial dietary supplements can be. This research paper discusses in detail what benefits these supplements bring to the body.


    • Improves immune functions
    • Increases deficiencies found in the body
    • Improve vitamin and mineral levels
    • Safeguards against potential health threats

    How Do I Know If I Need Supplementation?

     If you keep a balanced diet in the best-case scenario, you will probably not need additional dietary requirements.

    However, there is no way of telling if you should start taking dietary supplements. The best thing to do is get advice from a health professional who will examine your body and determine if you require an additional dose of vitamins and other minerals.

    However, it would be best if you never decided for yourself and munch on random supplements on your own, as that can be very dangerous for your body.

     Always consult a doctor and get a thorough idea of your physical health before taking any decision in the future.

    Body Nutrition UK offers the best supplements; buy the supplement of your need/choice to balance the gap of nutrition you need.

    Bottom Line

    Many researchers and experts have mentioned that dietary supplements have become more common as we proceed into the modern world. These supplements help our body with many things, including a balanced healthy diet.

    However, we should all understand that with benefits, there are drawbacks if we don't use these supplements properly.

    Excessive use could harm our health, so contact professionals if you are confused about dosage. Health is wealth, so don't shy away from taking care of your body!

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