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How to prepare for winter craziness on ski slopes

How to prepare for winter craziness on ski slopes

Winter season is already in full swing, snow-covered the mountain ranges and all of the towns up there are filled with professionals and amateurs alike, all itching to partake in all forms of winter sports. Winter break draws near, and it's the best time to hit the slopes. But before you pack your warm clothes you should spend some time preparing yourself. After all, your body should be in top shape, so that you won't hurt yourself or others while you ski down the steep, mountain slopes.

How to prepare yourself before going skiing?

What should you do at least a month before departure, or even better – three months before going skiing? You have to work on strengthening your muscles, and especially those that are utilized the most during skiing. Weak muscles and overall poor condition will result in you not only not being able to enjoy yourself for too long but also can lead to unnecessary injuries in you or your skiing companions.

Which muscles are the most important for skiers?

In your preseason training, the biggest focus should be placed on your quadriceps femoris muscles; these are the ones that guarantee a stable position for us, and also let us manoeuvre and steer as we go down the slope. Frontal parts of our thighs are also essential when it comes to safety. That's because they're used the most while braking, steering around any possible obstacles and also they help us stabilize the skis in the proper, straight position.

Leaning position and muscle engagement

Other muscles that are heavily engaged while skiing is your glutes. As we rush down the slope we spend most of the time leaning heavily, and it puts a lot of stress on your rear. If we don't want to spend a lot of time buried in snow, it might be wise to exercise them strongly beforehand. It is worth noting, though, that leaning forward means also putting a lot of stress on our torso and muscles located there. That means you also can't neglect exercising your abs and torso, as they tend to be overused during wintertime. Because of these core muscles, we can precisely move and shift our body around, but also to relieve pressure from other muscle groups. And remember – if your core gives up, the work will be pushed on your butt and legs, and it can easily result in you falling into the closest snow pile.

To sum it all up – remember, that going skiing is much more than just to schedule the date and pack proper clothing. It is, above all else, extensive preparation of your body to be able to fully enjoy the winter craziness on mountain slopes.

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