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Let's talk about how the "D" word. Detox of your body

Detox -

Let's talk about how the "D" word. Detox of your body

What will you learn from this article?

  • Why is it necessary to cleanse your body,
  • How to boost the detoxification process in your body by proper nutrition,
  • What changes to implement in your lifestyle, in order to speed up the removal of toxins


Have you heard that therapies such as vegetable and fruit juice cleanse, prolonged fasting or hydro colon therapy are great ways to “detox” or, in other words, cleanse your body? There are multiple advantages to detoxifying your body, which can influence various parts of your life. But what if instead of slow transition, that can take entire months or even years; you would be able to change it in a blink of an eye? You don’t have to worry – it’s already possible. So what can you do in order to boost the process of removing harmful toxins from your body?


First things first – you have to understand, that detoxification processes take place in your body full 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is vital to remember that, because every day we come in contact with harmful substances, that can destabilize your cell metabolism, which can, in long term, lead to serious damage to your body. Food additives, cosmetics ingredients or cigarette smoke are just a handful of sources of danger.


How to take care of detox?

Effective cleansing of toxins depends on the efficient functioning of a wide range of your body systems. Because of that it’s necessary to improve their performance on many levels.


  1. What counts are small, but regular steps. As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If we want to remove the toxins, we have to stop introducing them back to our body.
  2. Shift from „food” to „nutrition” mindset. Eliminate highly processed products from your diet. Instead introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables, as they are abundant sources of different antioxidants. Pick only high-quality fish and meats, which are free from other harmful substances.
  3. Give up on strong searing and grilling, and instead opt for boiling, braising or short-time roasting when preparing your everyday meals.
  4. Take care of your liver, as it is the single most vital organ responsible for transforming toxins into much less harmful compounds. Milk thistle and N-acetylcysteine are great for boosting your liver’s efficiency.
  5. Focus on your intestines, because they are significantly exposed to contact with many harmful substances, and yet their inefficient work affects the penetration of these undesirable substances into the bloodstream. Increase your intake of prebiotics and probiotics, introduce more dietary fibre. In addition to that, try to limit gluten, sugar and trans fats.
  6. Avoid using any stimulants.
  7. Use the infrared sauna at least once a week.
  8. Drink fluids regularly - of course, the best will be water, as well as teas - green, red or white, because proper hydration allows your kidneys to work properly.
  9. Take regular physical activity, which results in better blood supply to the tissues, more efficient drainage of unnecessary waste products, and also getting rid of many toxins with sweat.
  10. Care for the purity of the air you breathe - apply filters or find plants that affect its purification and place them in your home.

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